• SharePoint 2016
  • Windows Server 2016
  • VS 2017
  • a Mvc4 app (.net 4.6)
  • a junior programmer
  • aim

    Let my MVC4 app be published to SharePoint like the SharePoint project,enabling it eo be built automatically when the management center migrates or creates a new server.


    I found a solution on ths website:http://aspalliance.com/1944_using_aspnet_mvc_1_with_sharepoint_publishing.3

    I tried replacing SPHttpApplication to register my route ,but always get [System.ArgumentExpetion:virtualPath] error;

    Can MVC be integrated with SharePoint,what should I do?

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    You need to make sure your actually calling RegisterRoutes(RouteTable.Routes); from the Application_Start method in your inherited SPHttpApplication class (as per the example solution). And you will need to ensure you have setup the MVC routes accordingly.

    Otherwise can I suggest having a look at the opens source sharepointmvc. Its quite old, but reviewing code and solution structure may be helpful as an end to end example and documentation.

    Overall I would reconsider the benefits of doing this. The complexity introduced to your SharePoint Farm (i.e Patching, Migration, Solution conflicts, Support) is very large and I feel would more than likely outweigh the benefits.

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