In SharePoint designer 2013 workflow, I'm trying to get the TaskID by running "Assign a task" and a loop in parallel block as per this link. Task is getting created but I can get Task ID only when task ends not when pending.. How to get the TaskID while task is pending ? please advise.
Below is screenshot of my workflow enter image description here

  • I need taskID to form the link to current task and also to get few task fields to show in email which will be sent to multiple users in CC
    – Mukarram
    Jul 23, 2018 at 10:03

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SharePoint 2013 workflow engine works differently from that of SharePoint 2010 workflow. You will not get the taskid here. One possibility could be:

  1. Calling a 2010 workflow within 2013 workflow and creating tasks using that. In 2010 W/F you can then update a column in the same list with the task id.
  2. You can then pick the task id of 2010 W/F task from the list column in the 2013 workflow.

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