Is there a way in SharePoint Online to get Field Properties? For example, I have a lookup column and for this I want its Field Type, Required, Get information from:
Allow Multiple Values: Checked or not, Description. I know we can get it like this:

$context = New-Object Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.ClientContext($SiteURL)
$context.Credentials = $creds
$web = $context.Web
foreach($field in $fieldColl)
    Write-Host $field.Title    
    Write-Host $field.Description

But I want the other properties as well.


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You could get field properties like this:

$columns = Get-PnPField -List "PnPList"  
foreach($column in $columns){  
    Write-Host "Column Title  :" $column.Title  
    Write-Host "Description   :" $column.Description  
    Write-Host "Group Name    :" $column.Group  
    Write-Host "Internal Name :" $column.InternalName  
    Write-Host "Static Name   :" $column.StaticName  
    Write-Host "Scope         :" $column.Scope  
    Write-Host "Type          :" $column.TypeDisplayName  
    Write-Host "Schema XML    :" $column.SchemaXml  
    Write-Host "Is Required?  :" $column.Required  
    Write-Host "Is read only? :" $column.ReadOnlyField  
    Write-Host "Unique?       :" $column.EnforceUniqueValues  
    Write-Host "-------------------------------------------"  

And for detailed definition, you could check the SchemaXml, it will have all property definition.

EDIT : Script source

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  • Is there any way to get the ID for each listed property in the schema within the choice tags? Surely there is a consistent ID associated. Commented Mar 13, 2019 at 17:42

You can do this easily with PnP PowerShell using the Get-PnPField commandlet:

So something like this:

Connect-PnPOnline https://yourtenant.sharepoint.com/sites/yoursite
Get-PnPField -List "Your List Name"

You can also get this information via REST by visiting:

https://yoursite.sharepiont.com/sites/yoursites/_api/web/lists/getbytitle('Your List Name')/fields

Finally I ended up using site provisioning to transfer over my columns and content types over to the Content Type Hub.

Login through PnP PowerShell

Get-PnPProvisioningTemplate -out “youroutputfile.xml” –Handlers “Fields,ContentTypes”

Find the file ouput. Defauld be C:\Windows\System32

Connect to the Hub Connect-PnPOnline https://yoursite.sharepoint.com/sites/contentTypeHub

Apply the provisioned file Apply-PnPProvisioningTemplate C:\Temp\youroutputfile.xml

That's it!

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