I can't seem to get my formula working.

All I need is to compare 2 date fields:

The out of the box [Modified] and a custom [Published Date].

The published date is empty until filled by a workflow.

What I want is a calculated column called Republish which says yes if [Modified] is greater than [Published date].

I'm struggling with the ISBLANK condition. Can anyone help me?


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You can achieve this with this formula.

=IF([Published Date]="";"";IF([Published Date]>Modified;"";"yes"))

Be aware that this formula is created in a German language SharePoint. I am not sure if English SharePoint uses semicolon (;) or comma (,) to seperate formulas. So if you get a formula error just replace the semicolons with commas.

Proof of concept:

enter image description here

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Something like this:

=IF(ISBLANK([Published date]), "", IF([Modified]>[Published date], "Yes",""))

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