I have a Sharepoint 2010 library with 12 columns, we have a person that can only see the dropdown values for one of the 3 columns which are DLookUp type. The one she does see is sourced from a list and she has permissions to the list. Another one she does not see is also sourced from a different list, but she does have permission to the list (same as above). And finally she does not see the values of a DLookup coming from a site content type. This is not a problem for other staff.

I am unsure how to troubleshoot this. What would affect a person's ability to see the dropdown values? She views the list content from either a standard "new" form or "edit" form. She can see the field on the form and tell there is a dropdown arrow - but it will not expand for her to see the values.

Your expert advice would be greatly appreciated.

  • Can you create another temporary lookup field in that list on one of those lookup lists and see if the same happens only to that user? – Paiman Samadian Jul 17 '18 at 23:45

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