• Sharepoint 2010 Foundation (no Infopath!)
  • List Form (made a copy of NewItem.aspx and customized it, renamed it) - Save and Cancel buttons are available.
  • Also added an additional Submit button (Sharepoint form action) to experiment with what options I have with both buttons.
  • Using server side validation on a column.
  • some columns are required.

The entire thing works great (all validation). The only thing I have left is to send the user to a different page when all validation has passed. Right now, it simply returns the user to the same page to enter in another record.

I've tried various techniques to re-direct (GenFireServer changes, ?Source=) and they all work but what they do is send the user to the thank you page and ignore the server-side validation (it doesn't submit to the list but you don't have an option to fix).

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Don't use the Sharepoint Form submission button, use the default Save button that is generated when you create a new form. Then when you give the URL to the end user, ensure you put into the ?source= at the end of the URL. This worked for us. I might explore building my own source string in the form so I can send a friendlier URL to the end user.

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