I have a single web application which should be used by internals and external partners.

Some sites should be available for externals, some not and therefore I have created managed paths:


I want to make all site collections on ext path to be available from outside.

Is it possible and if that's correct how can I achieve this?

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You can certainly do this. Here are some things you will need:

  1. Your web application will need to have multiple authentication enabled: Windows for internal users, forms-based authentication (FBA) for external users.

  2. You will need a site-collection feature that provides external user membership functionality and security policies that you can enable on your site collections in your ext managed path.

  3. A forms-based authentication page that is friendly for both internal and external users.

  4. A firewall/proxy that supports managed path routing (like Sophos UTM), assuming you only want to allow Internet traffic to the ext managed path.

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