Is it possible to add an app programatically automatically when new site is created? For example calling endpoint, automating click etc. SideLoading is not allowed in production

Edit: target Sharepoint 2016

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Yes you can use the ALM Rest API, Its available in CSOM, Powershell aswell as Javascript.

  • Ah that seems good, but it is only for Sharepoint online right? I did not mention we have SP 2016 On Premise Jul 13, 2018 at 12:05

In your SharePoint 2016 you have a central app catalog. Solutions deployed to this app catalog, can be installed in any site collection.

Take a look at PnP PowerShell and list of commands. Install the module:

Install-Module SharePointPnPPowerShell2016

Useful commands:

Add-PnPApp -Path ./helloworld.sppkg

Install-PnPApp -Identity 66b00f6e-tw81-4ab7-8zx-e09c6f9132dc


Update-PnPApp -Identity 66b00f6e-tw81-4ab7-8zx-e09c6f9132dc

Remove-PnPApp -Identity 66b00f6e-tw81-4ab7-8zx-e09c6f9132dc

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