I am trying to create a high trust provider hosted add-in in SharePoint 2016.

I have not added any custom code. It is just the auto generated code.

I have added the client signing certificate and specified the 'issuerID' and password.

Also provided the permissions in Appmanifest file.

Now When I click on F5 from visual studio, I am getting error message as "Error in deployment step ' install SharePoint addin' : we're sorry, we aren't able to complete the operation, please try again in few minutes. "

Can anybody please guide me on this.

(Here I have not registered my app through 'appregnew.aspx' as I am doing this on development server only and not publishing yet so this will get handle by visual studio only for now if I am not wrong. Am I doing it right or I will have to register my app and need client ID and clientsecret also).

Thank you in advance..

  • I found the solution. I answered my questions in case anyone facing the same issue. Jul 13, 2018 at 19:33

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I have managed to resolve this issue.

It was a permission thing.

I have given a full control permission in app management service application to the account which I was using for app development and it started working.

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