I have a form field which has 3 different selections in the drop down, In Progress.. On Hold.. and Completed.

Since the form is opened many times before marked complete, I do not need a code that requires an attachment before submitting. I need a rule which would make having the attachment which we want to require attached before the "Completed" status would be selectable from the drop down and the form submitted.

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I was able to do this with a very small workflow that runs when an item is created, and when it is changed: Workflow Start Options

In the workflow itself, I checked the conditions you specified. If those conditions are not met, the workflow will adjust the status (I called the column "Choice") to a different status (I chose "On Hold"), and email the modifying user that their status was automatically changed due to not having an attachment:

Workflow Details Email Example

Please let me know if this helps you!


Chris Dennett

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