I am currently using the SharePoint search rest api to get the search result. Below is the code I am using

var url="http://mysite.sharepoint.com/sites/site1/_api/search/query?querytext='SearchTerm+AND+ListId:718158df-a888-434d-86f7-207aeb361989+AND+IsDocument=True'&selectproperties='Path,Author,Title,PartyInfo'";
    url: url,
    type: "GET",
    headers: {
        "accept": "application/json;odata=verbose",
    success: function (data) {
        var totalLen = data.d.query.PrimaryQueryResult.RelevantResults.RowCount;
        console.log("Total Data: "+ totalLen);
        for(var i=0;i<totalLen;i++)
            var docTitle = data.d.query.PrimaryQueryResult.RelevantResults.Table.Rows.results[i].Cells.results[4].Value;
            var author = data.d.query.PrimaryQueryResult.RelevantResults.Table.Rows.results[i].Cells.results[3].Value;
            var path = data.d.query.PrimaryQueryResult.RelevantResults.Table.Rows.results[i].Cells.results[2].Value;
            var partyInfo = data.d.query.PrimaryQueryResult.RelevantResults.Table.Rows.results[i].Cells.results[7].Value;
            console.log("Title: "+ docTitle);
            console.log("Author: "+ author);
            console.log("Path: "+ path);
            console.log("Party Info: "+ partyInfo);

    error: function (error) {

where PartyInfo is the name of the custom column in a document library whose ID I have passed in the URL (to limit the result for testing purpose only) and also the name of the managed property. The above code is working fine and I am able to get the value of my custom column through managed property name by defining it in selectproperties tag in the URL.

My question is how can I get the value of all the managed properties associated with the current item without passing their name in selectproperties tag. My requirement is to make a global search page across a site collection where there will be many subsites and lists. So it will not be possible to know the name of the custom column everytime.

So something like selectproperties='*' will do the trick for me.

Any help will be appreciated.

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Unfortunately, only standard managed properties are included by default: http://mysite.sharepoint.com/sites/site1/_api/search/query?querytext='contenttype:ABC'

so we add the selectproperties parameter explicity to the query. Also, selectproperties also should be configured as managed properties with option Selectable.

So i don't think what you are trying to achieve is feasible.

  • Thank you for your answer, the content type is also a good approach to achieve the task Jul 16, 2018 at 9:46

Actually, you can, as described in How to find all managed properties of a document.

Basically, if you set your refiner option to managedproperties(filter=600/0/*) you will get all properties in the RefinementResults in the response

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