I'm working on a SharePoint Online site with a SharePoint 2010 Workflow.

I've have a custom list where users can create items and set about 10 properties (some are text, some multi choice field etc.).

Then I have a document library with a default template (.docx). This template is a document where I put "quick parts" matching the fields I mentioned before.

When an user insert a new item in the list, a document is created in the another document library. Everything is working fine, I'm only trying to fix the style of multi-choice field.

I mean, at the moment, on the document, the multi-choice selections are shown like this:

Option 1,Option 2,Option 3

What I'm trying to obtain is a view like an unordered list:

• Option 1
• Option 2
• Option 3

Is it possibile to achieve this without creating multiple single choice fields?

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