I have a SharePoint Designer site workflow and I can't find 'Current Item' Option in the Data Source. Is this not available? This is a 2013 Site workflow on a SharePoint online site.

enter image description here

Thanks in advance.


Site workflows are not attached to any items. They are triggered by events from the site. Because of this there is no item that is currently processing

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  • Thank you. I was actually using a reusable workflow but I need to call it inside another workflow, that's why I picked site workflow option. – ova Jul 6 '18 at 12:44
  • There is no option to call a Reusable workflow inside a workflow. it has to be a list or site workflow. And now the site workflow cannot do what I want. I want to sit down and cry, honestly! – ova Jul 6 '18 at 12:45

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