I'm new at PowerApps for SharePoint (Online). I've worked plenty with Access and VBA, so it's incredibly stressful since I know what I would do on those interfaces.

I'm trying to create a dropdown box (multiple choice) that is (a) filtered, (b) sorted, (c) concatenated, and (d) is a SharePoint Lookup field that points to its own table.

Here is a hypothetical example:

  1. DogName - string
  2. DogBreed - string
  3. Friends - multiple-choice lookup

Dogbert | Beagle          | Snoopy, Rufus
Snoopy  | Beagle          | Dogbert
Rufus   | German Shepherd | Dogbert

So the idea is that on the EditForm, the user creates a new dog:

1. DogName:  Lassie
2. DogBreed: Rough Collie
3. Friends:  (displays the following, concatenated, multi-selectable choices)
             [ ] "Beagle-Dogbert"
             [ ] "Beagle-Snoopy"
             [ ] "German Shepherd-Rufus"

The purpose of the concatenation is to ensure users don't accidentally choose Rufus (the German Shepherd) when they meant to choose Rufus (the Bulldog). Once he makes his choice, the concatenation is irrelevant. PowerApps should update the user's choice with a Link-to-Item value (i.e. Lookup Item ID)--this provides the out-of-box function of allowing users, for example, to view Dogbert and click on his friend, Snoopy, and navigate to Snoopy.

Calculated columns sort of works, but it doesn't allow the out-of-box linking feature.

I've looked at PowerApps functions like Choices, Lookup, Filter, AddToColumns, etc. but resources don't seem to cover how it relates to multiple-choice lookups.

So my simple question is: How do you create a multiple-choice, lookup dropdown menu that displays a concatenated item but returns the multiple-choice lookup ID(s)?

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