With SharePoint Online you can get template from site collection with

ProvisioningTemplateCreationInformation ptci = new ProvisioningTemplateCreationInformation(ctx.Web);
// Create FileSystemConnector to store a temporary copy of the template 
ptci.FileConnector = new FileSystemConnector(tempFolderPath, "");
ptci.PersistComposedLookFiles = true;
ptci.ProgressDelegate = delegate (String message, Int32 progress, Int32 total)
    // output progress to log
    Console.WriteLine($"{progress:00}/{total:00} - {message}");

// Execute actual extraction of the template
ProvisioningTemplate template = ctx.Web.GetProvisioningTemplate(ptci);

but how would I get all pages from that site collection and save them to that template? (so I could create a new site collection with same content for testing purposes)

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