Here is my issue, I have a managed property with the following configuration Type: text, Searchable, Queryable, Retrievable, Refinable: No, Sortable: No, Safe, Token Normalization and mapped to a crawled property (text too).

I've created the crawled property and its value via powershell script, Full Crawl has been run, if I open the url http://myspserver/sites/mysitecollection/_api/web/allproperties I'm able to see the property:value, but when trying to perform query through content search web part I got No Results. I can see the property in the Property Filter list within the Query builder and I've added the property filter but still no results.

Am I missing something here? I can't figure out what's the issue and why it is not reachable, any help would be appreciated.

  • Did you map the crawled prop to the managed prop in the search schema? – Chris Odegard Nov 8 '18 at 15:17

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