I tried to clone the existing search and create a new search. Now my both the search services are active. How to make the old one as inactive? I cannot delete the old one without being sure of new one working as expected.


Search Topology has a specific meaning. It sounds like you're talking about a Search Service Application, instead.

What you can do is unbind the to-be-decomm'ed SSA Proxy from your Web Applications. Validate you can search/search works as expected with your Web Applications. Once validated, delete the old SSA.

  • Correct, I am cloning the existing search application, activating it, now I have both the services active. – Achiever SP Jun 29 '18 at 3:39
  • In that case, just follow my second paragraph of unbinding the old Search Proxy from the Web App, bind the new one, test, decomm the old SSA. – Trevor Seward Jun 29 '18 at 14:16

Look into service application association. You can change the association from old search app to new one, then test when you are good you can just delete the old one.

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