I created an approval workflow and based on a status column called 'Workflow Status' in the form I am emailing users. When an item is added, the email is received by the first approve but once he approves and changes the status column to a different value, the second approve is not getting the email. Below is my form: enter image description here

Below is my 2010 approval workflow:

enter image description here

The Workflow status has following status values: Requested, Approved by manager and then Approved by Approver2.

Once an item is added, workflow status is set to Requested then email goes to manager with a link to this item, he changes the status to approved by manager and the email then should go to approver 2, which is not working now. Once approver 2 approves the workflow stops and an email is sent from approver 2 to requester and manager. Both manager and approver 2 can reject if needed be which is a chice value available in workflow status column.

Can someone please help me correct the workflow, thanks in advance.


First impressions are that you might not have checked the option to run the workflow on item update. It might only be on item creation.

  • Good point Jitin, is there any way a workflow could run on both? Item added and updated? – mdevm Jun 28 '18 at 21:00
  • Yes it can be run on both actions. You need to check both the options. – Jitin Sreenivasan Jun 29 '18 at 8:00

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