I am working on a SharePoint project which started a couple of years ago. It started with SP 2013 on - prem, and we are now on SP 2016 with feature pack 2. In the project we used the Powershell based SPSD (SharePoint Soultions Deployer) to provision and deploy artifacts, along with some other full trust solutions (.wsp's) and pure c# integration. Now we want to use the modern tools like pnp and spfx webparts, and I am not sure how to build those in to our oldschool solution.

I.e we use a lot of display templates, and upload web parts with spsd. We want to port those over in to the pnp-framework, so when we run an update all the display templates get updated etc.

Looking for some ideas/guide for how to go from oldschool to more modern framework in our project. Please advise.


There is guidance available from Microsoft around moving your existing customisations to SharePoint Framework:




  • Thanks for the links, Vardhaman. More spesifically, I am looking for a guide to convert feature-framework to pnp-framework.
    – Ilyas
    Jun 28 '18 at 9:11

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