I have a suspicion that this is not an OOTB feature, without requiring some dev customization, but here goes. Is it possible to specify the query on a Content Search Web Part to filter on data that comes from a lookup column? I just can't get this to work.

Here's a diagram of how I have the data setup. I have a list called lookup_Customers that serves as a lookup for a site column called par_Customer_sc. I chose a lookup here since the number of customers will exceed the 250 limit of a choice column. This site column is used in a content type called par_Application-ct, which inherits from a list item. Finally, I've populated a list called Applications using the three available options in the lookup table.


I create the CSWP query by returning only list items in the site collection that are of content type 'par_Application_ct'. With no further refinement, I see the three records returned.


If I filter using the managed property for the Customer field, called 'par-Customers-scOWSCHCS', I get no results returned. I appear to have the managed property settings defined to allow searching, etc. I've tried returning all records with a wildcard, using the exact strings, etc. but to no avail.


I used the Sharepoint Search Query Tool in hopes of finding where the Customer names are getting mapped to. When I use the query string from the CSWP that gave me the 3 records, I can view all of the crawled properties...but the par-Customers-scOWSCHCS managed property is not listed.

Am I missing a crucial step in the chain here? Or can anyone suggest where I can look next to troubleshoot this further?


  • On a simpler note, does anyone have any experience in creating content search web parts to surface documents of a custom content type having metadata fields that are lookup columns? – Keith Jul 9 '18 at 12:52

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