I am using a taxonomy field for a Sharepoint Column (Langages) in an custom List. The termset associated to the Langages Column contains this following terms : English, French, German, Arab, Italian, Dutch, ect. The Langages column is also associated to a managed property : owsLangages. The Langages column is also a multivalue field

So, I wanted to perform a search using the rest api with the owsLangages managed property as refiner in order to get for each langage the search result count.

However i didnt get the expected result: Here are the refinement results for my search :

Refinement Name : English French Refinement Count : 9 Refinement Token: "ǂǂ47657374696f6e206465206c6120636f6d6d756e69636174696f6e0a0a53747261.."

Refinement Name : Spanish French Refinement Count : 8 Refinement Token: "ǂǂ412445e20646756e69636174696f6e....."

Refinement Name : Spanish German Refinement Count : 4 Refinement Token: "ǂǂ789636174696f6e0a0a537471......"

What I wanted is to get refinement results for every single langage not for a conbination of langages. for example :

Refinement Name : Spanish Refinement Count : 8 ....

Refinement Name : English Refinement Count : 2 ....

How I can achieve it ?



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