We are patching our SharePoint 2013 Servers after a very long time. Since July 2016, the servers are not patched. Initially we thought its good to keep 6 months of lag from the current patching, which took us to Nov 2017 CU. But from the blog Nov 2017 CU Bug literally scared us from going forward. Is there latest stable SP CU post July 2016?


We recommend you to use the latest CU for SharePoint 2013. It can fix the relevant issue which included in previous versions of CU.

SharePoint 2013 Build Numbers and CU’s


I have lately installed May 2018 CU for SharePoint 2013 on several customer-farms without any issues. It was released on may 8th, so it had some time to age. June 2018 CU was released about two weeks ago. I wouldn't install it after such a short period of being public. But i also do not see any reason to stay six months behind.

One very good source for CUs is maintained by ToddKlindt in his SharePoint 2013 Build Numbers post. Especially look at the "Bugs, Notes and regressions" where he collects all reported drawbacks on a CU.

BTW: The November 2017 CU was not buggy itself. It seems that some customers didn't apply their patches as they should. So there is no resolution in any following CU for that problem.

  • i have seen the resolution, but is the standard way to run config wizard after every patch or is applicable only nov CU ? Jun 26 '18 at 11:57
  • Standard-Behavoir. See my answer on your other question for all the weird details that work in real-life. ;-)
    – MHeld
    Jun 26 '18 at 12:05

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