I have a document library called Documents. But trying to use the search rest api like so


I can see the fields Department and Description fields return values. Currently i'm just pasting the URL above in a web browser. But i can't see Categories and Policy Number. I have tried using the field internal name but no luck :(

Category- Choice Field Description :- Multiple lines of text Category :- Choice Policy Number - Single line of text

Thanks i Advance

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selectproperties is used to retrieve values of managed properties. So you need add these columns as managed properties to the search schema (in Search Service Application / Central Admin) with Retrievable flag is checked.

SharePoint 2013 Search REST API:


Specifies the list of managed properties to return for each search result item. For a managed property to be returned; the Retrievable flag must be set to "true" in the Search Schema.


Search for existed properties before.

In my env choice field DocumentAttr has managed property - DocumentAttrOWSCHCS and text field RegulDocNumb - RegulDocNumbOWSTEXT

  • Thanks. I just checked it and it has the Retrievable property checked
    – naijacoder
    Jun 25, 2018 at 7:47
  • So with selectproperties='Title,DocumentAttrOWSCHCS,Created' I can retrieve DocumentAttr value in the search query result.
    – AlexZh
    Jun 25, 2018 at 11:45
  • Thanks. I have a filed called categories(choice field) and when i try retrieving Categories0OWSHHCS as the manage property . I can't see to return the values. see below returning null - <d:element m:type="SP.KeyValue"> <d:Key>Categories0OWSCHCS</d:Key> <d:Value m:null="true" /> <d:ValueType>Null</d:ValueType> </d:element>
    – naijacoder
    Jun 26, 2018 at 7:16
  • Why it cannot be null?
    – AlexZh
    Jun 26, 2018 at 7:37

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