SharePoint Online/Office 365.

I found a solution here by adding &IncludeVersions=TRUE in the URL but is not very stable, sometimes it will export the history, sometimes it doesnt.

Are there any other way I can export version history of an entire list (not just one item) in SharePoint Online that is more stable? We can't use PowerShell...

  • how do i get the xml after pasting the url ? nothing happens for me May 19, 2020 at 13:32

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I may have discovered a fix by accident. I just edited the data connection in Power Query Editor and clicked Refresh Preview -- seems to work every time.


I'm currently having the issue you had but I have some difficulties to set it up, could you please help me ? Sharepoint is giving me an .iqy file without &IncludeVersions=TRUE but when i had it, there is no change when i load this url in my browser.

Do you happen to now what I need to change ?

enter image description here

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