I am very new to the SPFx I just started. I was making my first web part in Visual Studio Code but I was having some difficulty in my code. May be somebody can help. I have scss module in the same folder FeedbackWebPart.module.scss

enter image description here

But in my FeedbackWebPart.ts show me error [ts] Cannot find the module './FeedbackWebPart.module.scss' enter image description here

Can somebody tell me what is wrong as this code is not written by me but it generated by Yomean @microsoft/sharepoint

Forgot to mention version of the all tool chain I used enter image description here

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It looks like it is bug in visual studio code or may be in yomean or may be in typescript because when I run

gulp serve

it compile web part and resolve the issue by it self. Hope this can help someone else.

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    If you look at the files in the folder, you'll see a .module.scss.ts and a module.scss file, im guessing the ts is not compiled before the first build or somehting Jun 17, 2018 at 20:06

Its just an Code Editor issues. The build will be successful.


It's the editor issue. Just close and open the editor, the error will be gone. Or just ignore it, gulp serve will run fine.

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