Hello and thank you in advance to anyone that can help or point me in the right direction of this one.

So... I have created a custom list which is being used for recording who belongs to which team (Long story as to why we don't use the AD)

This list contains a title column (used for members name), Team (Choice column with 4 teams) and finally a person/group column called AD which is used to display the actual AD account for the user.

I then have a second list which contains a workflow which checks the current item:created by against items in the first list's AD column and then updates the team column in list 2 with the value of the users team as stated in list 1.


List 1

  • Name (Title Column) = User 1
  • Team (Choice Column) = Team 1
  • AD (Person/Group Column) = User1's AD account

List 2

workflow triggers upon creation

If Current Item:Created By equals List 1: AD

Update item in Current Item (Team to this value List 1:Team).

This all works fine and the team is column is updated. However say User 1 changes team and is now part of Team 2. I want to create a workflow which once I modify the team information in list one this will update the team information on the records previously created by the user in list 2.

I have created a workflow and then tested by creating a record as User 1, Team 1 and then changed the team info for user 1 and created another record as user 1, team 2 which updated the first test item successfully. I tried a third test record this time changing user1 to team 3 and only the 1st item in the list (New item was also correct but only performed lookup not an update) was updated to team 3.

Can anyone suggest how I can achieve this or what the reason for this is. Happy to provide the workflow if needed.

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