I am using O365 SharePoint. I want to create a custom list (hypothetically) about dogs with a column "Dog Name", "Dog Breed", "age", etc. For example, one of the rows includes a 2-year-old golden retriever named Max.

I want to have all dogs in this master list, regardless of breed, because one of its functions is to allow me to collectively search all dogs. For example, I may be interested in finding all dogs that are 2 years old, even German Shepherds.

Now I have a page called "Golden Retrievers". It has a bunch of general info about golden retrievers. Now I want to insert that custom list and display only (filter) golden retrievers, which should include Max (among others).

I recognize that one way to do this is to create a view for my custom list and define the view on my custom list app; however, this dog example is just hypothetical; in my real scenario, there could be more than 50 dog breeds, exceeding the 50 public view limit. Is there another more dynamic way of doing this?



If it was the classic SharePoint pages, I would use one of the search web parts Content Search Web Part preferably or Content query web part.

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