Right now, I have a list. At the top ribbon of the list, there are a couple of custom action buttons that take the user to a form that is part of a workflow. When they finish filling out the form and click 'Submit', the rest of the workflow runs and they are returned back to the List.

Is it possible to return the user to the List item they were just at instead of the List?

I've done plenty of Googling (and found several posts here that are quite similar to my situation) and almost feel like I've figured it out but got stuck.

My first thought was changing the type of action of the Custom Action button from Initiate workflow to Navigate to URL and then creating a URL that utilizes supported SharePoint URL Tokens that would universally work for all items in this List. So, for example, this url below is a link that "clicks" the Custom Action button on a particular item in the List to start the workflow that takes the user to a form:


So List value and TemplateID value would be the same for any item on the list where this workflow is run. However, we need the ID and ItemGuid variables to be specific to the current List item open. There is a Sharepoint URL token for ID which is {ItemId} but there is not one for ItemGuid. You can see the list of Sharepoint URL Tokens here.

They have one for GUID but that's a List identifier not a List item identifier.

So because of this, the URL Token method falls short.

From what I've gathered, you can utilize Javascript somehow and then include the Javascript code in the 'Navigate to URL' box in the Custom Action settings. However, I have no Javascript experience and have no idea where to even place the Javascript code. Does it go in the workflow? Does it go somewhere else?

I'm using Sharepoint Designer 2013, FYI. Let me know if there's any other information that might be helpful.


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