I have several sites in my site collection, each of which has a few lists with identical columns, all with custom forms. I am using content types to better manage column definitions.

When changes need to be made to anywhere on the custom form (outside of a column definition) I must go to each site, and update the information for each form (new, display, edit). This is obviously a total pain!

For a given list (same name across sites), I would like to be able to update all of the NewForm.aspx files (for example) across all sites from a single source.

I have tried various methods to achieve this- iframe's, the <!--#include file="filename.inc"--> tag, the HTML import tag (<link rel="import" href="myfile.html">), and various other hacks, but have not been able to find a proper solution.

Any ideas of how this can be done? I am using SharePoint 2010.

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