I love the new modern experience but everything is not deployed yet.

What i would like to achieve

By adding the new Events WebPart, when I click on "Add a new event", it redirects me to a special page in /_layouts/15/Event.aspx?ListGuid=&Mode=Edit

I would like to brand this page a bit, by adding some WP like Yammer feed or things like that. This page would be kinda template for when users want to create Events.

My questions

Because this "Event.aspx" page is stored in SP Hive, i can not find it elsewhere.

  • Is it possible to at least copy it ?

  • If not, How can I copy the Event form to another page ?

So thanks to share your lights with me :)


At this time, unfortunately there is no way to customize the page or make a copy of that page. The page also does not support calendars with custom columns/content types.

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  • Thanks @sssreddy, we've worked around this issue by adding an extension that adds a Yammer feed to the page. It is a bit dirty, but well, we do what we got to do with what we have :) Thanks for your time – Gaelle Feb 6 '19 at 15:51

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