I could use some help with the following problem: I have a list that has been put on a page as a webpart. I need to put a search on this page that returns only the results from that list.

Therefore, I have put a search box on that page that sends queries to a custom results page. On that page I have a search results webpart where I'm trying to set the keyword filter to 'only return lists and libraries', but I have no idea how to go further from here. I have been reading a lot of online stuff about how to use search, but it only complicates things more and can't really find a straight answer to my problem.

Search in list

If there's a better solution to achieve this, I hope someone here can show me. Thanks in advance!


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For above you can create a seperate result source or you can specify th direct query as your specifying:

Just update the query with below

{searchTerms} Path:http://YourSiteUrl/Lists/YourListName

think will help you up returning the result


To enhance Sunils sugestion, you should add " -contentclass:STS_List_* " in order to exclude landing pages such as allitems.aspx


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