I'd like to get some input and opinions on potential problems I could be facing when I allow multiple vales for a field in the column settings especially regarding search.

I think I read that searching for those properties is not possible as the metadata term is treated as one string. What I mean by that is that if the field contains the values 'customer 1', 'customer 2' and 'customer 3' it will be stored as 'customer 1; customer 2; customer 3' which supposedly causes problems with search.

I tested this and could not reproduce this. I can use the global SharePoint search and enter [columnName]:["customer 1"]...

Apparently ther're filtering and grouping issues as well but I could only verify that I cannot change the list view to group by a managed metadata column that where a field contains multiple values.

I'm asking all this because I find it hard to explain to our users why they cannot pick more than one managed metadata term per column for an item.

What would you tell them?

Thanks for your input.

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