I am working on a site in sharepoint 2010 and have a content query webpart set on a custom page layout. It is set to reference a list with items that contain a page link. These also have a lookup field that references the pages library. I have it set to grab the page title in the lookup.

What I want to be able to do is set a filter on the content query webpart based upon the page value selected in the lookup field of the item. Ideally this will allow me to display items that have a certain page selected directly on the corresponding page itself.

Currently I have the filter set to display items when the lookup field is equal to [PageFieldValue:Title]. Which I assumed would be the same, but there are no results displaying in the webpart. Not sure if the lookup saves the title field in a different format than the page field title. Looking for any insight on how this query could be reconfigured to get the results to display, or if there is a better approach to achieve the same thing.

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