I am aware of "Site Users Web Part" with SharePoint On Perm version as mention in below link


What I am looking for is a replacement in SharePoint Online to displays list of users and groups who have permission to use a site.

I know that SharePoint online has two types of site Classic/Modern and I am looking for an option of a Modern site.


Based on the answer I tried to use People Web part to see if the approach works but it did not work for me.

enter image description here


I think I got the answer to my own question. When I logged in to the Modern site I see total number of the members who have access to the site on the top right corner below following link. When I click on members link I see complete details which is what I feel replacing Site User Web Part. Please feel free to comment.

enter image description here

enter image description here

  • How about Sharepoint Group. If we need to show users from particular group? – Dharmesh Sarang Jan 9 at 4:52
  • You can see group level permission by clicking on Gear Icon(Top right) -> Site Permissions – Ravi Khambhati Jan 9 at 13:33

Yes we already have a people part for de Modern Experience. Check out include this new feature on a page (obviosuly in a Modern mode), i think it's called "People" for US tenants. There isn't exatly a full user's profile card like SharePoint Server did in a convencional web part, but Works!

Also, you can choose between Compact or Descript layout. FYI enter image description here

  • This web part doesn't give me a list of users who have access to the site. when I added this web part it gives me a text box where I can add multiple users and then it shows me the similar interface that you shared. Let me know if I am missing something. – Ravi Khambhati Jun 7 '18 at 0:31

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