Please tell me, after the fall of SQL Server the database was restored (Backup Symantec) only by 93%, after CHECKDB, a lot of errors in the DocStream table, which contains just the binary data, i.e. actually the documents published in the SharePoint server itself. I tried various fixes and scripts (CHECKDB), but all in vain.


"Object ID 181575685, index ID 1, partition ID 72057610849878016, alloc unit ID 72057611327897600 (type In-row data): Errors found in off-row data with ID 120324096 owned by data record identified by RID = (1:8406343:3)"

If you look at the web part, it opens a void, just the Ribbon panel and nothing, WebDav is empty too, this folder was not found.

Tell me what you can think of? Or somehow download documents from the WSS_Content database? Or use some software to restore it?

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To put it simply, no your database sounds like it is in irrecovarble state. SharePoint doesn't support more than an index rebuild with CHECKDB, e.g. it does not support the allow data loss option.

There is no 3rd party tool that I'm aware of to pull content out of a SharePoint 2013 or higher Content Database due to the shredded storage architecture.

Your only option would be to find a valid, functional backup of that database and restore it to SQL.


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