I am a fairly 'green' SharePoint collection admin. I was going through and removing old/unused subsites within my collection. When I navigated to my parent 'site contents' and removed a few subsites that appeared to be unused, my entire SiteCollection was removed...and now I get a "webpage cannot be found" error.

I contacted my server FARM, I know they are able to restore my site collection, but i just want to know what i did wrong!

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If you delete the top site in a Site Collection, the Site Collection will also be deleted. The message a just a little different, so this is easy to do.

Delete a subsite:

enter image description here

Delete the top level site: (note the extra warning text)

enter image description here

Your farm admins can recover the top level site. Additional subsites can be recovered from the Recycle Bin of the recovered Site Collection.

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