I am trying to be efficient in my _api/projectdata rest query and get specific results from timesheet actuals. However, in someones great wisdom they didn't provide something as simple as the projectId in the properties. So I came up with the following, not sure whether the cross join is supported but it doesn't puke. The issue is my results contain data that should be filtered. I know $expand is not supported but is this format possible?

/_api/ProjectData/TimesheetLineActualDataSet?$select=ResourceName,ActualWorkBillable,TimeByDay&$crossjoin(TimesheetLine,TimesheetLineActualDataSet)&$apply=filter(TimesheetLine/ProjectId eq 'd8ba8b7e-3308-471c-a884-48f2116c803f' and TimesheetLine/TimesheetLineId eq TimesheetLineActualDataSet/TimesheetLineId and TimesheetLineActualDataSet/ActualWorkBillable gt 0 and TimeByDay gt datetime'2017-10-01')

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