I created a workflow that send reminder emails every 4 days. It works pretty good however from a month I have a problem. Two items that shouldn't send anything still send reminders every 4 days. These items have workflow that I stopped two weeks ago.

Some details:

  • In these reminders emails I have a link where I use current item ID. When I click this link it opens me these two item that have workflow that was already stopped

  • Normally author of these emails is "Notifications, SharePoint". For these two emails it is a name of my site.

  • I checked recycle bin. There isn't any item that could send this emails
  • I looked on worflow settings on my list. I can see that 39 reminder workflows are in progress. I compared this with number of items that have this workflow and it is also 39.

Why am I getting these emails? How can I stop it?

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