Hi I've created a High Trust CSOM site and just going through some testing/feedback on a SharePoint 2013 site. Previously it was low trust on 2010.

All seems ok, but on ie9 I've ran into trouble with the download function. Chrome works fine np.

I made it into a action as I wanted to add some extra security on the action. (Admittedly they could just do it the once and find the url - but that's another story).

Anyway so I get the url based off the documents id and just do a redirect using the prefix ms-word:ofv|u|{url} So it opens in word.

This seemed fine in my low trust 2010 SP. But since the switch to 2013 doesn't want to work and gives back the not very helpful. "The Webpage cannot be displayed".

Any ideas?

 //if (Request.Browser.Browser == "Chrome")
                        url = "ms-word:ofv|u|" + url;

                    return Redirect(url);


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