Currently i'm using MS Project Pro 2016 to create a task list. I created a template file that already has certain fields already mapped to the SharePoint task list that i'm using. This is so that it can be re-used for multiple task lists on multiple subsites.

I map over these additional fields: Number1 to 3, Text1 & Actual Start, Actual Finish

I can sync over all of my task data with no issues until I link tasks. Once linked, you then get a value in your Predecessor field and when i try to sync with any values in the Predecessor field, i always get this message:

enter image description here

This task is the first task that has a predecessor value set.

I should also add that I have multiple workflows running on my task list, they all trigger on list updates, could they have anything to do with it?

The issue is also very inconsistent and allows you to occasionally sync your task list initially with no linked tasks, open the sites assets file, set links, then sync back. However if you add any further changes, then the read only error occurs again.

Any help on this is much appreciated.

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