I have a custom SPD Workflow (2010 workflow on 2013) which mimics the OOTB Publishing Approval Workflow. The only difference is that if the files are in a certain subfolder in the library, the file should be approved automatically instead of having to be manually approved.

The workflow works fine if a user uploads a file manually, however, there are issues if an SSRS Subscription (running in SharePoint Integrated mode) tries to put a file into the library that this workflow is on. I get errors such as "workflow was canceled by System Account" and "workflow failed to start" similar to this question. How to have SSRS subscription delivery trigger workflow in a document library

What is the proper account to create/publish the workflow with that will give it proper permissions to approve files? Does the account I publish the workflow with even matter if it is being trigged by a SSRS Subscription delivery?

Workflow sample

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