I have a list : Issues. I'am generating the IDs based upon the departments. There are 4 departments: FIN, IT, MFG, HR.

the ID format is



MFG001,MFG002...and so on.

The logic I used here is getting the previous Issue ID based upon the Department and increment it(written in PreSaveAction).

It works fine if 1 item for a particular department is added at a time. The problem arises when multiple users add item pertaining to a particular Department at same time. In that case all the newly created items will get the same ID.

How can I generate unique IDs in this case? Please help me with this.


  • Hi, Are you using SharePoint Online or On-Prem? which version of SharePoint? – Shridhar J Joshi May 25 '18 at 11:14
  • i am using sharepoint online – sandeep May 25 '18 at 11:34

You could set the "Enforce unique values" to Yes in the definition of your "Issue ID" column. That way the user that tries to enter the value that was already used would get the error to try to save the item again.

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