A strange error is occuring in SharePoint online 2016.

In the current navigation (left menu), no matter what sub-site you are in the first link is ALWAYS directing users to the Home Page of the Site Collection Parent Site.

If you "Edit Links" you can see that the target link is the preferred URL, BUT, clicking on it directs the user to the parent site home page (even hovering over the link the pop-up in the chrome window shows the link to the Parent Site which is not what has been saved...)

However, I have noticed that if you: 1) click "Edit Links" 2) close the edit menu without making any changes 3) clicking on the link [SP takes you to the target page as intended] -- BUT if you reload the page before step 3, it takes you to the home page of the parent site.

I have tried managed navigation using a term set and this still occurs for the first link, forcing me to rename the first link of every Sub-Site current navigation to something relevant to the Parent Site home page..

Anyone seen/ solved this before?

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