Have a sharepoint library folder with sub folders for different reports and documents. I'd like to create views (and possibly columns) that are unique to each of those sub folders.

I read an article saying to do this by creating a new content type called subfolder with with folder content type. I did that and added it as a content to the library. Then created a subfolder and in the Folders section, choose show this view in subfolder content type.

But the view is still showing in all folders.

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i would suggest replacing folders with document sets, with these you can filter the view by the document set metadata

a document set is no more than a folder that can store metadata.

  • Hey Mike thanks for the reply. Document sets wasn't showing in the site features however you did lead me in the right direction. There was a site feature called Metadata Navigation and Filtering which allows me to do a per-location view setting based on metadata in each list and library.
    – Bryce
    May 23, 2018 at 21:26

The option Filtering and navigation by metadata should be active, with this option you resolved the problem?

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