Creating a new Azure App which uses SharePoint custom action (Ribbon).

In that process I am using Apply-PnPProvisioningTemplate command to apply custom action for my SharePoint site. While applying this command I am getting '=' is an unexpected token. The expected token is ';'

Because my azure app has more parameters and uses = in the URL(XML not accepting = ), something like below


How do I fix this issue.


Worked like a charm by encoding & with & amp;

URL: https://prod-18.centralus.logic.azure.com/workflows/XXXX/triggers/manual/paths/invoke/Hello?api-version=2016-10-01&sp=%2Ftriggers%2Fmanual%2Frun&sv=1.0&sig=YYYYY

We need encode like https://prod-18.centralus.logic.azure.com/workflows/XXXX/triggers/manual/paths/invoke/Hello?api-version=2016-10-01& amp;sp=%2Ftriggers%2Fmanual%2Frun& amp;sv=1.0& amp;sig=YYYYY

& replacing with & amp; as Stackexchange is decoding back to &

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