I have what I feel is a very straightforward requirement but I cannot figure out how to implement. The scenario is this:

  • User A creates a supply order request.
  • User B approves or rejects.
  • User C also gets notified if the request is approved, as User C actually orders the supplies.

I have made a copy of the default Approval reusable workflow that I edited to send an email to User C in the approval step, but that does not give me any access to the underlying list item to include relevant details in the email.

  • For future reference, please tag/include which version of SharePoint you're using to help ensure answers are relevant to your SP Version
    – vanblart
    May 22, 2018 at 15:19

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You Can create SharePoint designer workflow , based on your requirement this should be a simple one, Assign a task and based on the task outcome you send email with related information.

below link should give a good idea on how you can achieve this:

How to create an Approval workflow using SharePoint designer

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