I understand that default items can be added to document sets through the Document Set Settings link.

Clearly, the files you upload are stored somewhere.

How can I access these files to keep them up to date without having to store a second copy in another library and remembering to re-upload them to the document set when I change these?

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To access the Document Set templates from Windows Explorer:

  • From Internet Explorer (but not other browsers), visit a library in the Site Collection.
  • Click the LIBRARY ribbon tab
  • Click "Open with Windows Explorer"

You can now double-click the files to open, edit and save.

enter image description here

You may also be able to open Windows Explorer and right-click Network and click "Map network drive" to map a drive letter to a URL

enter image description here


They are stored in the Content Types hidden folder (_cts) in the top level web of a Site Collection. You can see this from SharePoint Designer:

  • Open the site
  • in the Navigation panel click "All Files"
  • click "_cts"
  • click your Content Type

There you will find the Content Type's home page (docsethomepage.aspx) and your uploaded files.


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