I have a contacts list workflow which populates an employee's job title and email address when their full name is entered. If i display 'Job Title' (person or group column type) it will show the employee's correct job title.

However, i have excluded this and created a separate column 'Title'(single line of text) because i have external vendors not in the AD and i am using workflows to set the column 'Title' so that it will populate depending on if i key in vendor or employee details.

The problem is that when i use designer workflow to Set 'Title' to Current Item:Job Title , there is no return field as job title, only email,display and the others which are the same.enter image description here

As String, Login Name and User Id Number just shows my user log in credentials.

The only way this would work is i use 'Person or Group' column type with field as 'job title' then returning field as login name would display the employee's job title. However, i am trying to achieve this using 'single line of text' as i am creating a contacts list with both employees and external vendors details.

enter image description here

This is my current workflow so that i can populate both external vendor not in AD and employees.

  • I think the problem is simply that the job title is not completed in your Active Directory. This would require a feed from your Human Resources department. As String will return the data you require if it contains any information.
    – unibod50
    Commented May 21, 2018 at 7:44
  • @unibod50 Job title is completed in my company's AD correctly, when returning it as string to a 'person and group' column it will show up correctly as 'Intern', 'Executive Senior IT' etc. I am just trying to return it as string/display to 'Single line of text' column and make it show up correctly rather than i:0#.w|companyserver\myusername
    – Slaughtrr
    Commented May 21, 2018 at 9:41

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Is "Job Title" a user profile's property?

Then use "Users profiles" as "Data source" (join by login name) in your "Set 'Title' to Current Item:Job Title" workflow action.


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