Hi i've a event receiver that is scope to web.

On development environment, i deploy and it manage to attach to just list, it will only trigger from this specific list.

However when i deploy to production, it manage to attach to the list(check from PowerShell, there's no duplicate), however it also attach to the site, and it will trigger from any list.

result in production environment now: - event receiver will trigger from all list - on the specific list it will trigger twice, i believe because it(event receiver) is attached to that specific list and at the same time it is attached to the site, hence triggered twice.

expected result: - only trigger on specific list and trigger only once

Anyone experience issue like this? or any advice on how to solve this?


  • Are you trying to attach the ER to a specific list? If so specify the list in the elements.xml using the ListUrl attribute. – Bunzab May 21 '18 at 7:48

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