I have the rootsitecollection - Tenant.sharepoint.com/sites/RootSite

Subsite 1 - Tenant.sharepoint.com/sites/RootSIte/SubSite1

And I have a subsite within Subsite 1 - Tenant.sharepoint.com/sites/RootSite/SubSite1/SubSite2

When I am at the Subsite2 the top navigation gives a link of the root site collection and not the Subsite1

How do I make the navigation show Subsite1, as I could only see the name of the rootsite. enter image description here

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When go to Site Settings -> Navigation Settings. You can see global navigation if you select check box Display the same navigation items as the parent site as shown in screenshot, then it will show you parent site navigation enter image description here

Let's talk about your scenario.

  1. You have root site collection like this Tenant.sharepoint.com/sites/RootSite

  2. Then you have Subsite 1 inside root site collection - Tenant.sharepoint.com/sites/RootSIte/SubSite1

  3. Inside Subsite 1 you have Subsite2 - Tenant.sharepoint.com/sites/RootSite/SubSite1/SubSite2

So, your Subsite2 navigation come form parent site Subsite 1 and your Subsite 1 navigation come from root site collection. basically you Subsite2 navigation come from root site collection


I mean it calls "breadcrumbs".

Use methods from this answer - breadcrumb on sharepoint online

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